Brush Up on These Tips for Nail Care

nail buffing
After you visit KNT Nails & Foot Spa, you'll love the way your nails look and feel. You can maintain that feeling for longer simply through proper care. We invite you to spend a moment reading up on ways to take care of your nails, and if you have any questions we hope you won't hesitate to contact us.

Wear the Right Shoe Size
Cramming your feet into shoes that are too small or pointy can cause the toenail to grow into the surrounding skin, causing ingrown nails. This can lead to infection, swelling and pain.

Don’t Go Barefoot
Try and keep your footwear on while at public places, such as gyms, locker rooms, pools and shoe stores. Environments that are warm and damp are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria.

Moisturize Daily
Nails that are dry tend to peel, crack and become brittle. Cuticles that are dry will not only look ragged but can also become painful and infected hangnails. Moisturizing is fast and easy, and it goes a long way toward combatting dryness. We recommend a thicker (even greasy) moisturizer for the cold winter season.

Practice Good Maintenance
Never push back dry cuticles or cut cuticles that are dry. If you do, you will weaken the surface of your nail bed, and it can also be quite painful.

Do not share your emery boards (nail files) with anyone! They attract the most bacteria.

If you are applying polish at home, be sure to use a basecoat. A basecoat will allow for the lacquer to adhere better to your nail.

When filing your own nails, use a fine-grit emery board and file in one direction. Filing your nails with an abrasive board will cause the nail’s delicate layers to peel away from each other.

To keep your colour shiny and new, every other day apply a layer of quick dry top-coat. This will also help to form a protective shield.

Your feet are the foundation of your body - if your feet feel good, your body feels good.